Monday, July 27, 2009

Annual Birthday Pictures!

It was time for Birthday Pictures to be taken. These were Gracelyn's 3 year and Abbe's 1st Birthday Pictures. I wanted to get a picture of the 3 three of us as well. Pictures this year was not a pleasant experience for mom! We got a NEW photographer and she struggled getting Abbe to smile and then Grace has started showing the attitude for the horrible threes. We had only gotten the picture of Abbe and Grace together when Grace threw a fit and started crying, kicking her feet and throwing her shoes. It was embarrassing but I know I am not the only mom that has had that experience. During her fit we were able to get Abbe's done and then another worker got Grace to semi cooperate and we got her pictures done. It is not as cute as I know she can be but at least we have the memory of her horrible threes.
We then got the picture of the Girls and I. I was really shocked that that picture even turned out. At least they are done and they don't seem too bad.

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cathi said...

Pictures really are stressful! You would never know it was so traumatic though, they look awesome! Beautiful girls! - all 3 of you! :)
Love your family pictures too!