Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bill and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. Bill surprised me with this beautiful rose bouquet. I Love Roses! We spent our anniversary going to Salt Lake and going to the Body Worlds exhibit. We also enjoyed the evening seeing a Laser Light show at the Planetarium. Overall, it was an enjoyable day! We hope we have many more anniversaries to share!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Snow Fun!

This was Gracelyn's first time sledding. We thought she would be a little scared so we took along cousin Madison to ride along. Both of the girls had a great time! Gracelyn even got brave enough to ride by herself. Daddy sure got his exercise helping the girls up the hill multiple times. The smiles and screams were all worth it!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pictures of Daddy's Girls

On Sunday before we went to church Daddy decided to snap some pictures of his girls. Gracelyn was doing some fun and silly poses and Abbe sure was giving Daddy some big smiles!

Christmas Morning!

Christmas morning was full of....

Sleepy Moments...


More Fun...

And most of all Smiles...

This Christmas was very fun... Gracelyn had a blast and her excitement was fun to see. She did so well at opening her gifts and was so excited for her shoes, new pajamas, princess table/chair set and her new doll stroller. Abbe did well watching her sister and did try to grab at the wrapping paper a few times. We have a few years before she catches on to the excitement of Christmas.

Santa Was Good This Year!

Santa Delivered lots of great gifts this year!

Friday, December 12, 2008

"Our Chemistree"

On December 1st we set up our Christmas Tree. Gracelyn has had her own unique way to say Christmas Trees. It is pronounced as "Chemistrees" . She had fun seeing all the lights and helped with a few decorations before she was side tracked with other things. She gets excited every night we turn the tree lights on!

Santa at the Mall

Saturday November 29th. We had gone to the mall to get cousin pictures taken. Afterward we were running errands around the mall and the line was short to see Santa. So cousin Courtney took Gracelyn up to
to see Santa. I didn't know that you were not allowed to take pictures with your own devices.... Well, I was able to snap a few photos before they informed me that I was not supposed to. Gracelyn was unsure of Santa but she sure liked the candy cane she got from him. Gracelyn is still trying to figure out what this Christmas stuff is all about!

Trailer Trip Moab, Utah 2008

This is the Train of Trailers!

Cute Family but WAY PREGNANT!
There was a ton of dirt...

and more dirt...

And it was sure fun to play in!

We are still cleaning Moab dirt out of our trailer!
Once again were able to take a trip to Moab Utah with our trailers. It were able to go with the whole crew again. Justin & Nancy and family and with Mom and Dad Mott and the girls. I was 6-7 months pregnant with Abbe and was almost not allowed to go on the trip because of toxemia signs and symptoms. This trip was not as busy as the Yellowstone trip for me. I was unable to go on the hikes but those that did hike did enjoy it! We also rented jeeps and for the most part we enjoyed jeeping. I know Megan and Nancy were fearful of the high roads that were climbed and me... Well lets say I don't recommend jeeping and being pregnant. It is kinda painful. I hope we can repeat that trip again someday so I can enjoy it pregnant free. Moab we definitely HOTTER than Yellowstone but at least we had our A/C in our trailers. I love trailer camping. Well we look forward to more fun trips in the future!

Trailer Trip Yellowstone 2007

We are a cute family I must admit!

What a face!!

Mom and Dad Mott and Cousins Courtney, Ashtyn,& Madison

Justin & Nancy Mott and Cousins Jesse, Megan, Josh, & James

We were very lucky to purchase a travel trailer in the spring of 2007. We decided as a Mott family to take our trailers and try to do a fun week long trip every summer. Our first adventure was to Yellowstone National Park. It was a blast with all the cousins, Mom, Dad, Justin and Nancy. The vacation went by very fast as most vacations always do. We planned well for the trip and I don't believe we went with out. ( Nancy and I are always teased by the other members of the family on how crazy we are when we plan. We get full menu's and lists after lists. We take the teasing because we know we are good at making sure we have all we may possibly need.) We saw almost every animal except a moose. We were able to see a bear and we also were stuck in many Buffalo traffic jams! The scenery was breath taking. We will have to do another Yellowstone trip again in the future!

Abigail Jean

Abigail Jean was born on July 21st, 2008 --- 8 lbs. 10 oz. She was born on her cousin Josh's Birthday. So our kids like to be born on other peoples Birthdays. We had originally planned to have Abbe born on Gracelyns Birthday. The C-section was scheduled but Abbe was making me TOO sick and at our appointment on Monday July 21st our doctor said I was done being pregnant and she scheduled our C-section that night. It was amazing how much better I instantly felt after she was delivered. So Gracelyn and Abbe are 10 days shy of being exactly 2 years apart. Having a C-section the second time around was great. So much easier than the first. I healed well and was mowing the lawn three weeks after she was born. Abbe is beautiful and we love her very much but she has been a little more difficult of a baby than Gracelyn was. She took longer before she was sleeping through the night and had longer fussier periods in the evenings. Gracelyn has adjusted fairly well to Abbe. She can be very loving but also rough at times. I am sure they will enjoy getting on each others nerves as they get older.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gracelyn Rae

Gracelyn was born on August 1, 2006. She was born on her great-great grandmothers Birthday.(Nana) I was showing signs of toxemia and over the weekend the doctor had me do some tests. So on Monday July 31, 2006 when we were headed to go talk to the doctor regarding the test results we were in a car accident. Luckily nobody was hurt except my truck. (Bill was okay with it since it was a Toyota) When we got to the doctors office after getting my truck to the repair shop we learned that they were going to start my labor. So as we were admitted to the hospital we had the insurance agencies getting statements regarding the accident while they were running pitocin to start my labor. We labored all afternoon, and into the evening but never had any progression with labor soo.... at 3 in the morning they took me C-section and we had our beautiful baby girl. Gracelyn was 8 lbs 1 oz.
As Gracelyn has grown she has become very independent and very stubborn. She is very "Girly" and LOVES SHOES. ( I have no idea where she gets that. I am not a shoe person.) Gracelyn also likes all the "BLING" including jewelry, painted nails and make-up. She is definitely our Little Princess.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

How the Mott's Began!

Bill and I met on Friday October 7, 2005. We were set up by Nancy and Justin Mott. I work with Nancy at Crestwood Care Center and she had suggested that she had a great brother in-law. Justin was unsure about setting his brother up but luckily they felt it was a good idea. We went on a double date to the Olive Garden. It was a great night. They next day Bill and I talked on the phone for a few hours and from that time on we have been inseparable.
By December we knew we would marry. Sooo... We decided to just get hitched on December 31, 2005. We got married at a little 24 hour chapel in Salt Lake. It was very fun! Not your typical wedding but memorable for us. We then went to the Hard Rock Cafe and had a lunch/dinner with close friends and family.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We have started a BLOG!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

I have been persuaded to start my own blog. There are so many people that are doing it and well...... I have been talked in to it. I know it is hard to keep in contact with so many people that this is a fun way to log LIFE!. I enjoy scrap booking but with TWO little kids I don't have much time. So this will be our online scrapbook for all to see! I hope you all enjoy and please be patient till I can get some pictures and stories going!