Sunday, July 19, 2009

Abbe's 1st Birthday Celebration!!

Today we celebrated Abbe's 1st Birthday. I know it was a few days early but, we did so for convenience for everyone that works during the week. We had a great BBQ lunch. Everyone was wonderful for helping me with providing the food. The presents were great and Abbe received a lot of them. Her attention didn't last too long with the presents. She enjoyed standing and crawling all over them more than opening them. We also had a pinata that all of the kids enjoyed.

Abbe did great with attacking her cake. She dug in well and loved squishing the icing through her hands. She also enjoyed flinging the cake by waving her hands in excitement. She also did discover that her thumb is more enjoyable to suck covered in icing. It was a mess to clean up. But worth it!! My baby is sure growing up fast. We were worried that Gracelyn would be jealous with Abbe getting presents but she did great. However, after everyone left she took over with playing with all of Abbe's new toys and they are in Gracelyns room!!! Gracelyn was very cute and while Abbe was attacking her cake she went and got a dish towel from the kitchen and kept trying to clean up the cake off the floor as Abbe flung it around. We reassured her that it was okay. She finally gave up and started taking bites of cake off Abbe's high chair. Every time Grace took some cake Abbe would scream at her! It was a Great DAY!!!


Kierstin said...

Hey Kristi- Saw your blog on face book. Looks like you guys had a fun party. I invited you to my blog too. Hope all is well with you guys.

The Geddes Family said...

YAY Happy Birthday!