Saturday, January 12, 2013

Avalena 8 month pictures!

Avalena Marie 8 months old!

 With my other girls, I have always done the "bath" picture!  They are so cute.  I love to display this picture in their bathroom! 

 Love the smile!

My flash did not go off with this picture.  I still think it is cute! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Day 2012

Christmas Morning at the Mott's House!

Merry Christmas 2012
Here is a "Good Morning" Picture on Christmas morning!... The girls did great!  I think they slept until 8:30 am and we started opening presents around 9.  I especially loved Christmas.  It was the first time in the last few years that I was not completely exhausted from working the night before.  I LOVED just being with my family.
The girls made out well for Christmas.  Gracelyn got the new baby doll she wanted with matching clothes.  She also got a ton on doll outfits to change her baby in and out of.  Then she also got a new double pink stroller.
Abigail wanted superhero stuff, cars, nerf guns, and a furby. 
Avalena enjoyed the new toys she got. As long as she could chew on them she was very content!

Bill got some cool new toys and I just loved being with family and seeing them have a great day!  Here are some pictures from the morning!

The tree with all the loot!

Super hero....Spiderman....her favorite!

This toy jiggles

There is a matching outfit for her to wear with her baby!

Her Furby

Daddy and Abigail got the same pingpong guns to shoot each other with!

The new toys taste great!

Gracelyn and her baby in Matching outfits!

Hope everyone had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.  We sure did!

Christmas Eve 2012!

 This was a fun year for Christmas Eve.... We spent the day with Kristi's side of the family.  We planned that each family would bring something to do.  We ended up not being able to do all of the things planned. We made sugar cookies... rolled the dough, used cookie cutters then as I baked them we were able to decorate our own mugs.  We then decorated cookies.  That was crazy to see how many toppings the kids could pile up on ONE cookie.... After that we decorated our own ornaments.  All of the activities were fun and we all stayed busy.  It was fun to do crafts and such with each other.  Lastly we were able to open the Christmas gifts that Mema and Grandpa Martinez gave each of the kids for Christmas.  It was a great way to start the Christmas celebrations.  Here are some picture of the day!


The taste of the Home!

Seriously.... We have caught photos of Avalena chewing on the furniture before... Now that she is more mobile she goes after anything she can.   WE really don't need a dog ...  We have Avalena:)

 Oh... How tasty can the entertainment center be???
 Mmm... Very Tasty!
 Yep, Very Good TOO!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Words of Abigail!

Unfortunately we have been sick a lot lately.  It seems if one gets it ... we all get it.  Well before Christmas Abigail was sick.  (Luckily we were all healthy and happy for Christmas.... I will get Christmas stuff posted soon) She can sure say the darnedest things... This is how she described how she felt while she was sick! 
- Head is Twisted
-Head is Popping
-Brain Changes
-Back is Stretching
-Feet are Struggling

I love the great descriptions!  I just wish when I would have my patients at work that they could give good descriptions like this about the pain they are having!  It would be fun to read nurses charting if we could describe symptoms like this!
Love you Abigail!

Perm Refresher!

Gracelyn just got her 2nd perm... Today is a few days after she got it!  It looks so good and curly!  We love perms.... It is much easier to get some body and a quick hair style for school mornings.  She really likes it when you ask her "what smells"!   It was funny after she got her perm and we were leaving my hair gal Jamie's house she asked,"Mom what stinks?"  I had to inform her that it was her.  You gotta love that perm smell.  Gracelyn sports that short sassy hair style well!