Friday, July 27, 2012

Gracelyn Turns 6

This year Gracelyn turns six!!!  She wanted a "Friend" Birthday party.  Soooo.... We did one!  We didn't want to leave anyone in the neighborhood out and she wanted some school friends to come so we had like 14 invites to the party.  I think 12 came!  Needless to say, It was a large good turn out! 
Gracelyn had games we played outside and of course, cupcakes and ice cream!  She was happy with the Party.  Mom was glad when it was over :}


The "cupcake" cake
After the kids sang Happy Birthday to Gracelyn we had them all sing it in Chinese!!  They did awesome!
Lastly, One of the gifts that Gracelyn received was a Hello Kitty Beauty pack.   It included the eye covers that you sleep with on.  She said that night she was going to wear them to bed.  I thought she would have forgotten but NO.. when we tucked her in and kissed her good night we saw this cute kid asleep LIKE... this>>>
Such a little DIVA! All she needs now is furry ones covered in rhinestones!

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