Sunday, October 25, 2009

Our outdoor visitor!

For the last few years we have tried to decorate our front porch for the fall.  This year we went all out and got a ton of pumpkins and decorated the straw bales with indian corn, little colorful squashes, and mini pumpkins. After it had been up for a few days I had noticed one of my indian corns was disappearing.  So Bill got out our fighting ammo "d-con" to keep the little critters from coming into our house.
One afternoon my sister Amy had come over to our house.  When I opened the front door to let her in I noticed a little grey fur ball stuck in the middle of the straw bales.  He was still moving and I know he had ingested our "ammo".  A little while later we went out side and he was in a "deep sleep" in between our pumpkins. It was hard to explain to Gracelyn that we don't want little mice hanging around the house when she loves the Disney Movie Ratatouille.  Thank You Disney for making such dirty little rodents so lovable :)

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