Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Fever

I was going through the pictures on our camera to update the blog site and found these cute pictures of Gracelyn playing outside. Dad must have taken these one day when I had left for work. I wasn't present for these pictures but they are way cute! (If I was gone and Dad is taking these pictures of Gracelyn then.... Where is Abbe??) We have all had Spring Fever bad and Gracelyn has been dying to play outside. It is nice to see all the kids starting to play outside and all the snow melting away! These were taken March 7, 2009


The Geddes Family said...

I am commenting on all your posts! FINALLY!!! I love your piano. I am impressed. It looks like it is good shape. I am also jealous of your new table. As you know I want one badly. It looks perfect!

collinandjennisenash said...

Yeah I am very excited you updated its fun to see new pictures.