Friday, March 20, 2009

My own Piano

Since I have become an adult and moved out of my parents house I have wanted my own piano. However, they are not cheap and are so heavy to move that until you have a permanent location you really don't want to get one. I am no concert pianist but I do love to play and sing. One of my dream piano's is the Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano but they are VERY EXPENSIVE! At this time we don't want to spend money on it. We have other big projects that need to be done first. Gracelyn has been showing an interest in music and I know that we should have a piano at an early age so if she wants to learn we would have it available. Besides, I want one. So Bill informed me that if I found a used piano within a decent price range then I could get one.
I really wanted a Clavinova but after a few days and realizing that a standard piano was my only option to getting a piano now.... I focused on the idea. I began my search on and found a few to go and see. So after seeing a couple I found this one. I believe it was a great deal. Gracelyn has loved plinking on it as well.

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collinandjennisenash said...

That is a beautiful piano. I'm glad you found it.