Friday, December 12, 2008

Trailer Trip Yellowstone 2007

We are a cute family I must admit!

What a face!!

Mom and Dad Mott and Cousins Courtney, Ashtyn,& Madison

Justin & Nancy Mott and Cousins Jesse, Megan, Josh, & James

We were very lucky to purchase a travel trailer in the spring of 2007. We decided as a Mott family to take our trailers and try to do a fun week long trip every summer. Our first adventure was to Yellowstone National Park. It was a blast with all the cousins, Mom, Dad, Justin and Nancy. The vacation went by very fast as most vacations always do. We planned well for the trip and I don't believe we went with out. ( Nancy and I are always teased by the other members of the family on how crazy we are when we plan. We get full menu's and lists after lists. We take the teasing because we know we are good at making sure we have all we may possibly need.) We saw almost every animal except a moose. We were able to see a bear and we also were stuck in many Buffalo traffic jams! The scenery was breath taking. We will have to do another Yellowstone trip again in the future!

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