Friday, December 12, 2008

Trailer Trip Moab, Utah 2008

This is the Train of Trailers!

Cute Family but WAY PREGNANT!
There was a ton of dirt...

and more dirt...

And it was sure fun to play in!

We are still cleaning Moab dirt out of our trailer!
Once again were able to take a trip to Moab Utah with our trailers. It were able to go with the whole crew again. Justin & Nancy and family and with Mom and Dad Mott and the girls. I was 6-7 months pregnant with Abbe and was almost not allowed to go on the trip because of toxemia signs and symptoms. This trip was not as busy as the Yellowstone trip for me. I was unable to go on the hikes but those that did hike did enjoy it! We also rented jeeps and for the most part we enjoyed jeeping. I know Megan and Nancy were fearful of the high roads that were climbed and me... Well lets say I don't recommend jeeping and being pregnant. It is kinda painful. I hope we can repeat that trip again someday so I can enjoy it pregnant free. Moab we definitely HOTTER than Yellowstone but at least we had our A/C in our trailers. I love trailer camping. Well we look forward to more fun trips in the future!

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