Saturday, March 23, 2013

1st Dance Competition this year

The girls did fabulous at their 1st  dance competition this year.  It was a long day that started early.  We had to have the girls dressed with make-up on and in Salt Lake at 8am.  That is early for us.  But we did great getting there.
Here are some pictures from the day.  Gracelyn had 2 performances and Abigail had 1.
Great job! We are very proud of them.  We have just begun the competition season so we have more to go!!!  Avalena was SOOOOO good the whole day and she LOVED the music and would just clap and move to the music. 
 Getting ready! While getting Gracelyn ready she told me that she "Loved being on Stage" (what a little performer)

 Abigail song was "ICE, ICE BABY"

 The above was "GIRLS" and below was "SHAKE"
At the end they had an improv competition.  The girls had a few moments to just dance to what ever music they put on.  Gracelyn had no fear and just DANCED.  She really wants to do a solo.  We may have to let her do it.  She has no stage fright and LOVES to be in the spot light.  Here are some pics from her improv and her participation medallion


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