Friday, December 14, 2012


Tonight was the Christmas Dance Recital for the Girls.  This year we changed dance studio's.  Where they go now we are not able to watch them practice so.... It was fun getting to see them dance.  Gracelyn has shown even more improvement than in the past.  She was not looking at her other team mates for where she was supposed to be.  She even had a fun spotlight at the end with her splits! 
Abigail was adorable.  I regret our pictures.... We got Abigail on video but we failed to snap some pictures while she was dancing!  She did great though!  She has the cutest little hip shake!  The above photos where taken after the make was fresh on and right before we left!  What cute girls!

Gracelyn also recently decided to join the Beginning Cheer Team at the Dance Studio.  She did awesome at that as well....  Here is her Picture with her ending pose! (Picture Below) What a Doll!

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