Friday, September 21, 2012

Gracelyn Gets A Perm!

Gracelyn is lucky to have hair with some curl... She has become scared of the flat iron with getting since her curl needs some help and since her hair is so fine we decided to perm it.... Now her hair has an even curl! Lucky kid to get professional salon services at six years old.

 Updated...  Here are the "after" perm pictures.  I almost was expecting a drastic change however... it is not.  Looks like how it did when we curled her hair with what natural curl she had... Just a more even curl that HOLDS and does not fall out with time!!  She likes it curly, I just think she likes the idea of NO straight iron since she is scared of the flat iron!


Blake and Kathryn said...

so fun! I wanna see pictures of the finished product though...does she like it?!? :o)

The Mott Family said...

Sorry Kathryn.... Just had a technology malfunction and needed to wait until I got on my laptop to get the pictures on the Blog! I think she is happy! We have all enjoyed the "perm smell". It has been years since I had to smell that! LOL At least I hope this style ends the morning drama over her hair!