Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Nights & Family

 For Almost 1 year straight... The Mott's have all gotten together EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT!   We have only missed a handful of fridays:) 
We get together to have dinner (since we all need to have dinner anyway) and then we just hang out, visit, laugh, have technology learning classes or even watch movies. 

Our dinners are fun.... We have had easy nights of Take and Bake Pizza to gourmet meals of Prime Rib.... 

This weekend, the Friday before the Fourth of July we had a fun evening of Pizza and then.....

This year Utah allowed the aerial fireworks up to 150 ft. 

So this year we invested in some ground fireworks.. and one aerial called the machine gun.  The biggest hit  for the older kids was getting to "lite" the fireworks.  ( We have a bunch of pyro's in the family:)  For the little kids they Loved the "glow sticks" and the "pop rocks" the most.  What another great night being with family... Since that what life is all about:)

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