Friday, June 24, 2011

After Recital... and ...THE FLOWERS!

 Gracelyn's Favorite part of the "Recital" is joining the family afterward and everyone showering her with flowers for a job well done!

 Very proud of her FLOWERS!
Gracelyn did such a fabulous job at the recital.  She pays very close detail to her dance moves and has no such sign of stage fright!!!  Gracelyn on Thursday June 23, 2011 went to dance competition tryouts for the 2011-2012 dance year.  She did well and she was placed to be on Syracuse Dance Academy's Show Time Dance Team as a "mini".  It will be a busy time next year with 3 and half hours of dance a week and starting kindergarten but We know she can do it!  We look forward to the "recital's"!

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Candice said...

So adorable!! I'm glad you're blogging again. :)