Sunday, September 6, 2009

Biking on Legacy Highway Trails!

We decided to spend the afternoon together as a family and go for a bike ride down on the Legacy Highway Trails.  We drove down to Cenerville and we parked the truck.  We let Gracelyn ride her new bike that she got for her Birthday!  Gracelyn rode 1.2 miles on her bike.  It was slow going but she did awesome.  It was a great teaching moment to try to keep her on the right hand side of the trail.  At one point some people came by us on bike and I had to excuse us for being in their way and her comment was, "Why are those people in MY way." 
After Gracelyn rode we parked her bike and Bill and I and the girls went on a ride up to Farmington a total of 12 miles round trip. It was a great ride except the strong head wind we got on the way back to our truck!   

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