Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Birthday!!

For My Birthday (and My sister Amy's) we all went to Lagoon... ( I must give Amy the credit because it was her idea to go) Anyway, We spent the whole day at Lagoon for Our Birthday Celebration. This was Gracelyns and Abbe's First time at Lagoon.

Gracelyn enjoyed the little rides but she went full force and rode many of the bigger rides. Gracelyn was 38 inches and you have to be at least 36 to start riding some of the bigger rides. Gracelyn rode Rattle Snake Rapids, Scrambler, Tilt a Whirl, The Big Boat one and even the Log Ride.

Abbe was able to ride the Carousel and the train ride with everyone. Abbe LOVED the Carousel. Her Little face was priceless. She had the biggest grin on the whole time while riding the carousel.

It worked out the best for all because there was so many of us there that Bill and I were able to enjoy some of the Adult Rides. There was always someone that didn't want to go on the rides. Bill and I were able to do the Large Bungee swing that you have to pay extra for. Papa Martinez did it with us as well. It was so worth the $15 dollars each. Papa Martinez was great and pulled the rip cord for us!!
While we were there we had an old time family picture session done. The pictures turned out great!!

We also watched one of the performance shows with the dancing and singing. Gracelyn kept commenting on all the the performers accessories. There was some hat on one of the boys she didn't like, but many of the girls shoes and dresses were a big hit.

The girls were great the whole time but were VERY tired by the end of the day. We were gone 14 hours.

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