Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Morning!!

SHOES!! SHOES!! The best gift of the all!!

Easter Morning came too early. We were all tired but had to get moving because we had a busy day. The girls got a few toys and matching swim suits that will be great for outdoor swimming . Gracelyn did get some new flip flops and off course that was her favorite because she is CRAZY over shoes! After the girls got their Easter baskets and hunted a few candy filled eggs we went over to Aunt Kathy house for an Easter Breakfast with the Martinez side of the family. Gracelyn got tons of Easter candy there and then later we went to Grandma Martinez house and got more Easter toys and an Easter dress and of course MORE CANDY!! We go too much candy. Gracelyn also got more candy by inviting herself to the neighbors backyard and got to meet the "Easter Bunny" and they let her take another basket full of candy! Overall, it was a great weekend it just went by way... too... fast... as always!

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